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The LNEC main shaking table has three independent translational degrees of freedom, with all the rotational degrees minimised by torque tube systems. This table, with a mass of 40t, has a platform area of 5.6 x 4.6m and can reach peak velocities of 70cm/s and maximum displacements of 175mm. Its command and control are fully digital with capability to simulate specific motions expressed either as response spectra or as time-histories of motion. A network is established providing immediate access from all office rooms to the data acquisition system. Up to154 channels are available for measuring pressures, forces, accelerations, displacements (LVDT and optical), strains, etc. The shaking tables are located in a large testing hall with a floor to ceiling height of 10m enabling the testing of tall structures. Furthermore, around the main shaking table there are three moderate capacity reaction walls which increase the ability of the facility to support diversified testing set-up. It should also be referred that an overhead crane with 400kN capacity and very low speed control allows the construction, installation and removal of large specimens from the tables.

Call for proposals are published in scientific journals and on a new specific web-page Project Manager: Rogerio Bairrao, M.Sc. Ph.D Principal Researcher LNEC/DE/NESDE Av. do Brasil, 101 1700-066 LISBOA PORTUGAL Tel: (+351) 218443824 Fax: (+351) 218443035 E-mail:

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