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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Experimental structural analysis of advanced composites



The DLR Institute of Structural Mechanics built up during the past 20 years the research infrastructure EXSACOM (Experimental Structural Analysis of Advanced Composites) consisting of four major facilities to cover the complete field of experiments on advanced composites:

- Servo-hydraulic testing field for static and fatigue tests on advanced composites with respect to characteristic damage states, damage tolerance and lifetime assessment and qualification;
- Buckling test facility for static and dynamic investigations on buckling and post-buckling behaviour of thin walled composite structures;
- Thermo-mechanical test devices for simultaneous introduction of high mechanical and thermal loads in metallic as well as composite structures;
- Ultrasonic inspection system for high resolution inspection and characterisation of damage in composites.
Now EXSACOM is approved as "European Major Research Infrastructure" in the framework of the Improving Human Potential Programme of the European Community. Over a period of 28 months a total access of 294 operating days is offered to external users. On the basis of the scientific and technical know-how gained during the past 20 years users of EXSACOM have the opportunity to participate in this long-year experience and to provide substantial support for the preparation and conduction of their research projects.
Due to numerous own developments of analysis tools in the institute their is comprehensive competence in planning and performing of verification tests. Further scientific support is provided for the evaluation, the interpretation and critical assessment of the test results. Particularly for young researchers this support should be very helpful and should stimulate for new own ideas. Massive technical support will be provided by the technical staff in operating the machines, electronic devices and measurement equipment, and in installing and matching of hardware and in introducing in testing procedures. This means in particular full support for the preparation and application of sensors like strain gages, adaptation of the test objects to grips and other mechanical systems, for monitoring of running tests, and transfer, converting and processing of electronically picked-up measuring data.
More information about technical details and scientific background is available on INTERNET address:


Researchers or group leaders of research teams requesting access must submit to the contact partner proposals describing the project they wish to carry out and the names and places of work of the researchers expected to take part. For this purpose there is an application form. download on the above mentioned INTERNET address, also the actual deadline for proposals.

Project Manager:
Dipl.-Phys. Hans Christian Goetting, DLR Institute of Structural Mechanics, Lilienthalplatz 7, D-38108 Braunschweig, Germany,
Tel: +49-531-2952371
Fax: +49-531-2952399

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