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Enhancing microtechnological education of young researchers through guest experiments--phase 2


Microtechnology - the consequent miniaturisation of optical, acoustic, mechanical, fluidic or other devices - more and more develops into a multi-thousand million euro market for which Europe, in her own interest, has to compete in order to create new jobs and secure the welfare of its peoples. To successfully do so, one decisive method is to spread microtechnological know-how by increasing the access to respective research infrastructures, which are adequately equipped, renowned for their top-level research and ready to give users the technical, intellectual and individual support needed to conduct first class experiments regardless of how much or how little experience they have so far accumulated in the field. The aim has to be to systematically enlarge the microtechnology community and to improve cooperation and success in the realisation of marketable microproducts.


Transnational Access to the facilities of IMM is granted upon positive evaluation of proposals by an expert panel following a Call for Proposals. Such calls are issued at least once a year. Details on envisaged dates, application and participation can be learned from from the project manager.

Project manager:
Dr. Stefan Kiesewalter
Tel: +49-6131-990323
Fax: +49-6131-990205

Funding Scheme

LFC - Access to Research Infrastructures


Carl-zeiss-strasse 18-20
55129 Mainz