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Predicting catalysis : understanding ammonia production from first principles.


Another central goal of the network is to train young scientists, through involvement in exciting, top quality research projects. Eight post-docs will be trained for two periods of 14months (224 person-months in total). In each 14-months project, the post-docs will receive in-depth training in the state-of the-art method used for their own research (in quantum chemistry, quantum dynamics, or kinetic modeling). Through network meetings and one-month visits to other groups, the post-docs will obtain an overview of the other methods used in the network. The network will organize four meetings, including an introductory tutorial school. At the school, staff will present courses in quantum chemistry, quantum dynamics, and kinetic modeling, and the industrial partner will present a course on catalysis in an industrial context. The post-docs will also receive training in the communication, management, and other social skills that are needed in an international collaboration.


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