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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Electron and positron induced chemistry


Electron and positron induced reactions in both the gaseous and condensed phases initiate and drive, through Selective molecular bond breaking patterns, the basic physico-chemical processes in many different areas of Science and technology from industrial plasmas to living tissues. The study of electron induced chemistry in all Phases of matter therefore requires a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of electron-molecule Reactions if there is to be continued progress in these diverse areas of science and technology. In comparison the field of positron induced chemistry is still in its infancy with the development of new laboratory sources and theoretical modelling only now suggest exciting possibilities for a whole new field of antimatter chemistry. Europe is at the forefront of world research in the study of electron and positron induced chemistry In this Network leading members of the European Research community will Collaborate in an authoritative Investigation of electron and positron induced chemistry in three discrete phases of matter gaseous; clusters and In particular the Network will use state-of-the-art experimental and theoretical techniques to;
1. Study fundamental electron and positron energy transfer processes
2. Study electron and positron impact dissociation processes yielding reactive neutral, anion and cation species
3. Study how such processes are modified in the different phases of matter (gases, clusters and on surfaces)
4. Probe new reaction processes initiated in denser phases of matter (e.g. nucleophilic substitution)
5. Train a new generation of younger scientists in the skills and techniques required to further develop this area

Three different molecular compounds have been selected to illustrate these processes; halogenated hydrocarbons And fluorocarbns; water and simple bio-molecules (the DNA and RNA bases).

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