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Content archived on 2024-05-15

Integrable models and applications: from strings to condensed matter


We are assembling within one large network the majority of scientists presently working in Europe on aspects of integrability, including many of those who have been responsible for recent major advances in the development and applications of this idea. The principal theme has captured the interest of theoretical physicists and mathematicians and this network has partners with expertise from both domains. The concept of integrability is quite old but only relatively recently has its importance within quantum field theory and statistical mechanics, and their applications, become clear.
Our objectives are threefold:
(1) to elucidate the mathematical structure of integrable field theories and statistical mechanical models, with particular emphasis on the study of boundary conditions and their associated effects - these are all-important in applications and their study is already leading to new insights;
(2) to develop suitable calculation tools, especially those which are non- perturbative, or based on extending ideas from conformal field theory (an important, much-studied, special case), in order to be able to calculate correlation functions and other quantities of interest when developing applications;
(3) to apply the ideas from integrability to physical systems of various kinds, including gauge theories and string theory, both in the domain of theoretical particle physics, disordered systems and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, mesoscopic systems and quantum transport. This will also require us to investigate departures from integrability in order to be able to use information derived from idealized models in realistic situations. There are many existing links between the partners on which we will build, and there are many links with research groups outside Europe that we intend to use to enhance the formal aspects of the training we will provide within our schools and workshop.


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