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Content archived on 2024-05-15

Physics reconstruction and selection at the large hadron collider


The physics potential of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN is enormous: among the currently approved projects in High Energy Physics, it uniquely has sufficient energy and luminosity to probe in detail the TeV energy scale which is relevant to electro weak symmetry breaking. Indeed, numerous studies have demonstrated that a Higgs boson with couplings given by the Standard Model is observable in several channels over the full range of allowed masses. Furthermore, if super symmetry has any relevance to the electro weak interaction, it will be discovered and the properties of many of the new particles predicted will be measured accurately. Other new physics, such as the existence of extra dimensions can also be probed, increasing the sensitivity of current experiments by more than an order of magnitude. The challenge presented to the LHC experiments is the identification of these new physics processes amidst the much more copious occurrence of well-understood and studied processes. The research subject of this network is the study, design and implementation of the event selection for an LHC experiment. The network aims at bringing together experimental physicists who are currently working on the reconstruction of different physics objects (electrons, muons, jets and missing transverse energy and b/tau jets). The network will thus provide a forum where people will study ways of maximizing the effectiveness of their corresponding algorithms. It will also add a new dimension to their current work namely the combination of these single physics objects into full physics signatures. Finally, the network will provide an excellent training ground for young postdoctoral associates who will be expected to grow into leaders of much of the physics analysis during the LHC era.

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