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Research training network on health, ageing and retirement


In most developed countries people not only live longer but also live longer in better health. Recent research in bio-demography suggests that this trend might continue albeit at a slower pace. It is therefore necessary to move beyond a simple "chronological " view of the ageing process and to take full account of the biodynamic aspects. The aim of the present research project is to explore existing, and develop new, measures to describe the health status of an ageing population, further to feed these findings into projections of future pension and health expenditure The project will formulate policy conclusions addressing the ageing issue and throw new light on key long-term social and financial policy topics for the European Union and its member states.
The data search and compilation constitutes
Phase 1 of the work programme. It will be undertaken by a team composed of researchers from a majority of EU member states and with an intimate knowledge of applied economics and national statistical sources, guided by a leading institute with a considerable experience in studies of ageing
Phase 2 of the work programme will be devoted to the analysis of the information and statistical and medical data collected in Phase 1. It will consist in the design of alternative scenarios for health, life expectancy and social expenditure. The sensitivity of demographic, health expenditure and retirement benefits projections to alternative health statistics will be carefully examined.
Building on Phases 1 and 2, Phase 3 will reassess the implications for public policy, notably with respect to the projections of heath expenditure and retirement expenditure over the coming decades. By incorporating a number of biodynamic and health factors into the demographic projections it will provide the European and national decision-takers with new tools of analysis and new arguments in policy debates. It will establish a closer link between the actual state


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