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Optimilizing public understanding of science and technology in europe


The pervasiveness of science and technology's influence in every aspect of modern life implies a necessity for citizens to understand and appreciate the contributions, but also the limits, of what research and technological development can/should provide for human society and the natural environment. However, there seems to be a general lack of public awareness of European-level research activities and their impact on the economy, the quality of life, employment and environment. The OPUS thematic network which brings together leading experts and practitioners in field of Public Understanding of Science aims at reviewing the different national practices/activities to raise public awareness, at comparing them in order to understand the influence of particular contexts and at studying the transferability of best practice initiatives across national boundaries and to the European level. The result will be policy recommendations for improving public visibility of science and technology in Europe as well as a Handbook bringing together both theoretical synthesis of discussions and the empirical material.


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