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The state of three social science disciplines in central and eastern europe: conference and handbook


The planned project is not intended to be merely a summary of already available analyses of the development of the social sciences in CEE, but the constitution of a new level of information, scientific research, and ultimately also network-building in the social sciences. In the first stage, 10 EU accession countries (without Cyprus and Malta) will be included. It is foreseen that contributions on the three social science macro-disciplines-economics, political science, and sociology-will be produced from each of the countries. The data on institutional development in the social sciences accumulated so far (IZSozialwissenschaften) will be updated in a new survey. The findings from this survey will form the basis of the reports. This uniform background allows a higher level of comparability, between the countries and the disciplines and to EU research agenda as well. The contributions will be discussed at two conferences

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