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Symbolic and social fields. the international reception of pierre bourdieu's work


The conference of Cerisy-la-Salle (France, July 2-19, 2001) is devoted to Pierre Bourdieu's international impact. It is designed as a collective project: the aim is to gather social scientists from several E.U. states with others coming from USA, Canada, Brasil and Japan in order to analyze the ways each national scientific community discusses the conceptual frames of one of the greatest sociologists of the XXth century. It is now perceived that Bourdieu's contribution to social science is not only comparable to those of Durkheim or Weber, but a powerful link between these two traditionally opposed paradigms. The Conference will be the first international meeting solely devoted to Bourdieu 's work: it will offer the opportunity to understand the process through which social scientists contribute to the emergence of an international intellectual citizenship.

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