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The debate on the finalité politique of the european union in the applicant countries from central and eastern europe-measures accompanying other eu activities to prepare the igc 2004


The project is aimed at completing scientific activities launched in the current Member States to stimulate the academic debate on developments of EU integration in the post-Liken context. Analysis and monitoring of the debate in the Creswell contribute to the preparation of the Intergovernmental Conference 2004. The project will stimulate academic reflection on the key-elements of co-operation inane enlarged Un-ion in the context of the post-Liken debate and activities of the Convention. The "CEEC Debate" concentrates on: seminars organised in the applicant countries, survey carried out in applicant countries and an annual report. Proposed measures will bring a significant academic input to the debate on EU's future: e.g. putting in a historical context new and conventional approaches tithe debate on European governance, citizenship, etc

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