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Content archived on 2024-05-27

European network on scientific input to public policy


ENSIPP brings together those who provide scientific advice to public authorities, those who use such advice use and those who study the process. The aim is to improve the understanding of the issues and to learn from the experiences of other countries and practitioners.
Expected results:

First network conference and its report:
- Four Working Group Reports
- Synthesis of Working Group Reports and second network conference report
- Dissemination conference at the end of the project
ENSIPP will operate for two years and the project has been designed to provide a coherent set of activities within that period. It is expected that some of its members may choose to continue to co-operate after the end of this project with new research projects.

The Work Plan is divided into three phases:
Phase 1: Introduction and definition of programme - preparation for and conduct of a conference of Members
Phase 2: Parallel Working Groups- four groups of Members will each study a specific issue, working remotely by e-mail
Phase 3: Synthesis and dissemination - final conference and preparation of outputs that bring together the work of the Working Groups. A dissemination conference will be held at the end of the project.

In addition, the Network will establish and maintain an interactive web site to facilitate the work of the Working Groups and to ensure the maximum flexibility of exchanges of ideas and understanding without excessive time and cost due to travel.

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