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Actions for the environmental rehabilitation of the Aral sea


Foreseen Results

The program is designed to bring engineers and scientists together in a structured format in order to exchange results and views on the measures which need to be taken to remedy the current state of affairs in the Aral basin, and to clearly identify all the existing data which can be used to form a sound basis for achieving sustainable management of the water resources of the basin.
The general objects of the programme are :

a) to bring together scientists and engineers at a technical level, i n order to identify how the constraints that have arisen in finding solutions to the water resourses problems of the Aral basin can be overcome
b) to produce costed collaboratirve proposals for the development of tools which will allow rational planning and management of the water resources of the Aral basin.

The specific objectives of the programme are to :

(i) produce a combined catalogue of the data and information available in the riparian states and Russia. The catalogue will include information on exactly what information is available, its quality, who holds it, and how it might be obtained
(ii) work towards developing an agreed system which will overcome the constraints on the availability of data, including costs and marketing
(iii) create a network of researchers capable of developing and working on water management decision support tools
(iv) reach agreement between engineers and researchers of the riparian states on the methodologies to be used and identifying optimum investment strategy for maximum environmental gains for minimum costs; prepare detailed proposals

(v) produce a demonstration water management programme for the Aral Sear and use it to introduce scientists and engineers of the riparian states to modern river basin management tools.

Researchers from each of the riparian states and from Russia will be brought together to take part in structured seminars to identify the issues and priorities. These will be followed by a joint workshop of scientists from all the states, where the way forward will be identified. The findings of the seminars will be developed by a steering committee which will also prepare project proposals for future potential funding.

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