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Biodegradation of Toxic Organic Compounds in Waste Water and Accumu lation of Heavy Metals


Foreseen Results

All results will be tested and critically discussed in the laboratories of all partners participated in this proposal and in field experiments for a practical simulation of the processes developed.
The proposal has the intention to develop new technologies for processes with a high degradation rate for some toxic organic compounds, e.g. phenols and their derivatives, halogenated or not halogenated hydrocarbons as well as with the possibility of accumulation of heavy metals by such degradation processes.
The contamination of the environment needs effective technologies with a high profitableness and efficiency with an applicability not only in the Eastern and Central parts of Europe but also in other parts of the world, too. In the network of our research the partners will solve the following problems:

Isolation, characterization of new strains isolated from contaminated sites and the preservation of active strains
To develop new technologies and materials for a stable and inexpensive immobilization of the most active strains
The most interesting classes of compounds are phenols and phenolics, hydrocarbons (halogenated and non-halogenated)
To develop technologies for a simultaneous degradation of such compounds and accumulation of heavy metals introduced in a similar way to the environment
Application of the microbe-plant ecosystem on the roots of plants for both types of processes, the degradation and metal accumulation
Investigation on the specific reactor constructions
Investigations on the kinetics of the processes for a better understanding as a base for further developments of new processes
At the end of the project there will be also a small sewage treatment plant using the plant-microbe ecosystem with the orientation to small equipments for villages and other prospective buyers.


Forschungszentrum für Medizintechnik und Biotechnologie e.V.
99947 Bad Langensalza

Participants (3)

5,Technicka 5
166 28 Praha 6
Instituto Nacional de Engenharia e Tecnologia Industrial
Estrada Do Paço Do Lumiar
1699 Lisboa
University of Lodz
90237 Lodz