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High Temperature Radiative Burner Based on Porous Media Combustor


Foreseen Results

Demonstration of the feasibility of an oxygen radiant burner
Industrial prototype of a 25 kW oxygen radiant burner
High surface temperature (up to and above 2000°C)
Porous media that sustains high temperatures and thermal shocks
Low NOx
A substantial part of the latest developments and breakthroughs in industrial technology can be attributed to the use of innovative combustion techniques. Illustrative examples are the enhanced heat transfer capabilities of burners based on porous media combustion and the use of pure oxygen in a number of industries (glass melting; fusion of metals and non-metals; ...) for NOx emissions reduction; energy savings and production increase.

This project focuses on high temperature processes such as heat treatment of metallic parts; which is based on the use of radiant burners; and fusion of metals; non-metals and glass. The aim of the project is to develop oxyfuel high temperature radiant burners based on porous media combustion that will be applicable to this wide range of industries.

The partnership is a mutli-disciplinary team which includes two research institute; the Chemical Physics Laboratory in Minsk (Belarus) and the Lehrstuhl für Strömungsmechanik in Erlangen (Germany); and two industrial companies; AIR LIQUIDE (France) and PA Minsk Tractors Works (Belarus).

The project is organized in three parts:

A theoretical part that will lead to the predesign of two burner prototypes.
An experimental part that will investigate the performances of the prototypes.
End-user tests where the best prototype will be selected for an evaluation of its performances (energy savings; NOx emission reduction) on an industrial heat treatment line; by comparison with existing radiant burners. It is expected that; by achieving its goals; the proposed project will contribute to energy savings and to a clean environment; particularly in the CCE/NIS countries.


Chemin De La Porte Des Loges 1, Les Loges En Josa
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Participants (3)

Chemical Physics Technologies Research Development Enterprise
15,P. Brovki
220072 Minsk
P.A. Minsk Tractors Works
29,Dolgobrod Skaja Street
220668 Minsk
Cauerstrasse 4
91058 Erlangen