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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Optical Resistance of Technologically Relevant Materials for ShortWavelength Laser Optics


Foreseen Results

1. Application of well-developed methods of solid state physics for the quality control of raw materials used
for optical components in SW laser systems; determination of physically established requirements for
purity and quality of raw substances; and new suitable wide-gap optical materials;

2. Application of the methods of accelerator physics for investigation and treatment of the surface layers;
includes materials analysis by Rutherford backscattering (RBS) and Nuclear reaction (NRA), and materials modification by ion implantation. Both Salford and Ekaterinburg have these facilities, which
are complementary to each other;

3. Improvement of reliability and maintainability of SW laser equipment, possibility of recycling expensive
optical materials, reduction of frequency of repairs and adjustments necessary after an exchange of damaged optical components;

4. Improvement of environmental safety of excimer lasers due to the reduction of exchanges of windows
connected with a breaking of the seal of the active volume of the excimer laser containing aggressive
gases like C1 or F.
This project proposes, as a result of close collaboration between research scientists and producers of laser and optical components for the ultraviolet and vacuum-ultraviolet spectral regions, a thorough investigation into the mechanisms which cause damage in the materials used during their operation. For this purpose a wide combination of methods available at the proposers' institutions shall be applied to examine the nature of the defects created and to find ways to avoid them.

In addition to the improvements of materials in use today, this will include also the search for and testing of, new substances appropriate to this application.

The participants have between them a vast store of knowledge and experience in the fields of laser technology, optical materials, materials analysis and materials modification which are relevant to this application.

Two of the participants (one EC, one CEC) are manufacturers of laser systems and components who seek commercial benefit from the proposed work. Three of the participants (one EC, two CEC/NIS) are research/academic organizations who seek publication of results achieved.

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