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Laser Interferometer for High Quality Manufacturing Industry.


Foreseen Results

A novel laser-frequency stabilization system using FLC cell will be developed, which significantly reduces the size of the laser head and the price of the interferometer. The working prototype of a laser interferometer will be presented and evaluated in the industry.
The frequency stability will be better then 0.01 ppm. The instrument will be equipped with a Software Package for determining positioning errors in accordance with ISO230 and national norms of CIS country. Software will automatically measure parameters of selected items of the machinery, eliminating the need of manually triggering the data acquisition during determination of positioning errors. Additionally, optics for checking angle, straightness, parallelism, flatness, squareness, and dedicated software packages will be developed.
The instrument construction and pricing will open the way to its application in CIS industry. The software package will assist CIS industry in the introduction of the ISO230 standard.
The aim of the proposed project is to develop a working prototype of a laser interferometer of a novel construction and open the way to its industrial production. Such an instrument allows high accuracy length measurements, which is the key demand of machine-tool industry of CCE/NIS countries during the process of conforming to EC norms.

The central element in the laser frequency stabilization system will be a ferroelectric liquid crystal cell acting as a fast optical polarization switch and control unit. Such a design assures a very high accuracy of the frequency stabilization and reduces the production costs of the instrument.

The project joins five partners, each having outstanding experience within their field of research, which assures that the objectives of the proposed project will be achieved. The project represents a significant step forward beyond the state of the art and includes substantial original work. International cooperation of researchers of different special fields (liquid crystals and optical interferometry) and necessary technology transfer allows to establish long-lasting relation between partners of project. Results of the research will be disseminated not only in laser interferometry but also in optical metrology and spectroscopy.

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Chalmers University of Technology AB

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