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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Minimization of Energy and Water Use in Sugar Production by Clean T ecnology Based on Cooling Crystallization of Concentrated Raw Juice


Foreseen Results

It is expected that on the basis of project results, factors which are decisive for energy and water use in sugar plants based on the novel clean technology will be identified. Energy savings to be attained by integrating the optimized clean technology with the existing methods of sugar production from sugar beet can be estimated at 50% of the energy consumption characteristic of the current traditional sugar technology. A corresponding improvement in water usage is also possible.
The project is devoted to the optimization, with respect to energy and water use simultaneously considered, of the novel clean technology of sugar production from sugar beet developed by UMIST, Univ. Ferrara, ICT and WUT. The participation of industrial organizations TECNIMONT and CHEPOS facilitates future transfer of research results to industrial practice.

The project is divided into four parts:

Development of methodology and computer-aided tools for simultaneous energy and water use minimisation in processes featuring multiple-effect evaporation under vacuum. This will be based on the pinch approach developed by UMIST.

Development of background for extending the general methodology of simultaneous energy and water minimisation to sugar production by the novel clean technology based on cooling crystallization of concentrated raw juice. New simulation models and software will be elaborated, and process data necessary for studying energy and water use will be generated by simulation.

Development of prototype software for simultaneous energy and water minimisation in sugar production by cooling crystallization of concentrated raw juice, and parametric study on the characteristics of energy and water use of this process. Results of the parametric study will serve as a basis for developing the concept of efficient energy system for sugar plants based on the novel technology.

Exchange of research information, technology transfer and reporting.

Research reports for the three essential parts of the project, and a Final report summarizing the project results and their industrial application potential will be elaborated. A set of software tools developed for the project will be delivered to the coordinator.

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