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Possibilities of material processing by using a new high peak power and repetitive pulsed slab CO2 laser.


It has been recently demonstrated that a modified high peak power TEA (Transverse Electrical Atmospheric) C02 laser with a particular long pulse duration (10,us), improving the ablation and limiting thermal effect (cold ablation), can be efficient for some materials processing. It was shown that glass, ceramics and other materials can be successfully cutted or drilled with a good quality compare to the others methods. A European Project has been recently proposed to use this new possibility to develop an equipment for printed circuit board drilling with a laser repetition rate of more than 100Hz.

Slab C02 laser is a new technology able to deliver high average laser power with compact and low cost device.

Recent and preliminary experiments have shown that by modification a slab C02 laser, it could be possible to work in high peak power regime with short pulse and then by further improvements obtain the same performances as TEA lasers with a repetition rate which could be 1 kHz or more increasing the speed of process, drilling or cutting, by a factor of the order of 10 (or more).

This gives then the possibility to offer a new laser machining able to work in particular on glass, ceramic, stones and other materials with good quality high speed and competitivity.

It is proposed to study, realize and optimize a demonstrator using a such pulsed slab laser to, test the process on materials, precise the improvement in speed of machining and define in more detail the field of applications in industry in regard to the other methods. This program also prepares a new product which will be manufactured and commercialized in future in EU and CCE/NIS.

Main other points are the preparation of promoting the laser european industry to be more effective against the american competition and also help FSU to develop and promote their technology by a partenary organization. The 2 years program is based on a cooperation of research institutes and industrial enterprises.

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