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Standart Compliant Quality Control System for High-Level Ceramic Ma terial Manufacturing.


Foreseen Results

Quantitatively, it is expected that the improved SQUASH system will be able to meet the following requirements:
enhance, with respect to CRASH, the detection and sizing of surface cracks in ferrite cores from 0,2 mm in length and 0,01 mm in depth;
detection and sizing of surface cracks in iso-and anisotropic magnets from 0,2 mm in length and 0,01 mm in depth;
detection of edges defects, missing parts, shape deformation, outer dimensions accuracy, widths of clearances, dimensions and quality of thread contours, flatness and co-planarity of surfaces with a resolution not lower than 0,05 mm;
increase the reliability by decreasing the classification error rate by at least 50%;
contributing to decrease the product rejection rate by identification/prevention activities.
SQUASH will be run by a well-balanced consortium with partners having diverse complementary areas of specialism and highly motivated end users. The consortium has all the necessary skills to undertake the project activities, achieve the project objectives, and complete the work to a high standard, on time and within the allocated resource.
The SQUASH proposal responds to Area 7 - Industrial and Materials Technologies, Sub-area 7.1- Tools, techniques and systems for high quality manufacturing.
The SQUASH proposal stems out from the results of the CRASH project, whose main objective was to develop an integrated non-contact system for automated quality inspection of ferrite cores and to demonstrate the feasibility of introducing new rejection criteria based on the developed prototype. In CRASH the detection of ferrite imperfections (dimensional defects and surface defects and cracks) was based on the integration of two different sensors: a CCD B&W camera and an Electromagnetic (EM)-based non-contact sensor.
SQUASH is proposing a remarkable step forward beyond this state-of-the-art. SQUASH intends to broaden the scope of the research to ceramic material processing by:
extending the investigation to a larger range of materials including: soft ferrites (ferrite cores), hard ferrites (iso- and anisotropic ferrite magnets), polycrystalline garnet substrates, bonded metallic NdFeB magnets, sintered carbides;
detecting and assessing the diversified surface imperfections and shape deformations in parts made from these materials in the quantitative terms of Acceptable Quality LEVEL (AQL). This enables the quality assessment of these defects to be included into ISO-9000/EN45000, IEC-Q and CECC Quality Systems;
testing the effectiveness of existing EM and optical sensors on ceramic materials. Additionally, SQUASH will develop a new electromagnetic sensor based on DCPD (Direct Current Potential Drop) technique towards a practical deployment on mass-produced samples;
actively contributing to the standardisation bodies, by submitting to the standardisation work of the international committees involved in magnetic components and ferrite materials (IEC/TC51/WG1 and CECC WG12A) a draft proposal on "Quality assessment of shape deformation in ferrite cores and magnets";
organising training sessions on quality control for the CCE/NIS-based companies dealing with ferrite production;
organising a workshop to disseminate the results on ferrite core and magnets inspection (this assumes a special interest for the European Union since CCE/NIS ferrite cores and magnets production is mainly directed towards EU-based consumer-electronic companies).

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