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NIR-diode laser systems for infrared spectroscopy


Foreseen Results

Advanced Photonic Systems GmbH in co-operation with the Ioffe Institut will develop an innovative miniaturised high power ps-diode laser, emitting pulses of some hundreds Watt output peak powers with pulse durations of 40 ps (FWHM). Based on this diode the University of Vilnius will develop a tunable optical parametric oscillator (OPO) for the wavelength region 2 mm to 3 mm and also by difference frequency generation wavelength in the MIR. Combining these results the participants will develop a NIR (near infrared) diode laser system for infrared spectroscopy for in-situ testing in industry and environment.
Objective of the proposed project is the development of a NIR (near infrared) diode laser system for infrared spectroscopy. This light source exhibits an inexpensive, compact and onsite useable system for in-situ testing in industry and environment. The project supports the technology transfer of proofed technology, originally based on inconvenient discharging laser systems, to industry using reliable semiconductor technologies. Founding on the miniaturisation of high power ps diode laser systems, to be developed by Advanced Photonic Systems (APhS) and Physical Technical Institute "Joffe" at the Russian Academy of Sciences (in the following PTI), the generation of difference frequencies (DFG) and usage of tuneable optical parametric oscillator (OPO) for light emission in the near and mid infrared will be realised in co-operation between APhS and the University of Vilnius. Modelling of laser structures, of the non linear optical processes and mask fabrication will be done at LASING S.A. (Spain). The company BBT Instrumenten ApS (Denmark) is in co-operation to produce the prototype of the high power ps diode laser system, and the NIR diode laser system. Furthermore, they offer the equipment for mask implantation. APhS as designate producer of the NIR diode laser systems is responsible for the development of the prototypes and project management. In the future production line all partners will be involved.


Advanced Photonics Systems GmbH
5,Rudower Chaussee 5
12489 Berlin

Participants (4)

6,Ericaparken 23
2820 Gentoffe
Lasing SA
64,Marques De Pico Velasco 64
28027 Madrid
Scientific Engineering Center for Microelectronics - Russian Academy of Sciences
26,Polytekhnicheskaya 26
194021 St. Petersburg
Vilnius University

2054 Vilnius