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Content archived on 2024-04-30

Determination of standardized parameters describing the electron transport for quantitative surface analysis by electron spectroscopies


Foreseen Results

The benefit of this proposal will be a software package for calibration curves and background correction of the elastic peak. A computer controlled data-base for transport mean free path and for selected systems derived from EPES will be elaborated. The new results obtained will be recommended to ISO TC 201 subcommittee and implemented by quality control in trade and by materials research.
The proposal here presented aims at improving quantitative surface analysis by standardized physical parameters for calibration of measurement systems. Research and development to investigate the feasibility of new analysis methods are also included in the project. This program deals with quantitative compositional analysis techniques for thin film investigations and surface characterizations using electron spectroscopies.
Objectives will be connected with possible technological applications because the development of new performant technologies associated to quality control are key factors of industrial progress.
The program requires an interdisciplinary approach involving chemists, physicists and material scientists

Proposed research topics are the following :

1. Experimental determination of parameters and corrections for analysis methods of materials.

- Determination of inelastic mean free path (IMFP) from measurements of elastic peak intensity, Monte Carlo analysis and development of software.
- Determination of the values of transport mean free path (TRMFP).
- Determination of the backscattering factor for AES on uniform and non uniform systems and its angular dependence.
- Determination of Auger conversion efficiency factor based on elastic peak.
- Shape and intensity of APS spectra for chemical informations

2. Applying the above parameters in different procedures of surfaces analysis.

- Sputter depth profiling by AES.
- Sputter depth profiling by Elastic Peak Electron Spectroscopy (EPES).
- Appearance Potential Spectroscopy.
- Non destructive depth profiling by means of high energy XPS.
- Extended Fine Structure EPES.

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