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High-Tc Superconductor sub-mm wave heterodyne receiver for environmental monitoring


Foreseen Results

The active elements will be integrated into the receiver, and the receiver performance will be characterised. With the help of external expertise, design and parameters of the receiver will be optimised for environmental monitoring.
A heterodyne receiver suitable for environmental monitoring will be developed, based on high-Tc superconductor Josephson junctions (JJ). The Josephson mixing scheme will be used and as mixer element a single JJ or a small array of JJ incorporated into the antenna design will be fabricated. Also, arrays of high-Tc JJ will be developed, with the aim of their application as local oscillator (LO). The fabrication of an integrated receiver consisting of a JJ mixer and a JJ LO is expected. Different technologies for high-Tc thin film and JJ fabrication will be tested - laser ablation, magnetron sputtering, and co-evaporation. Different substrates with relatively small dielectric losses will be investigated. The optimal technology will be selected after microwave characterisation of the samples. The possibility of using intrinsic stacked JJ as LO will be investigated.


Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
52405 Jülich

Participants (4)

Chalmers University of Technology AB
412 96 Göteborg
Institute of Electrical Engineering -Slovak Academy of Sciences
9,Dubravska Cesta
842 39 Bratislava
Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics - Russian Academy of Sciences
103907 Moscow
Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics - State Academy of Sciences of Armenian Republic
1,Alikhanian Br. Street
378410 Ashtavak 2