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Development and design of new types of chemical sensors and sensor arrays for medicine, biology and ecology


Foreseen Results

Analyzers for selective determination of different heavy metal ions, immunoglobulines, and some other organic contaminants in the water solutions will be developed as a result of this
Ecological problems and needs of the biotechnology developing extensively last years have evolved needs for novel more sensitive, fast, and easy to use tools for studying and monitoring of immune and enzyme reactions. Such techniques are anticipated to result in a drastic improvement in diagnostics of many diseases, in environmental monitoring, etc. During last few years a tendency is observed of biologists and chemists to use surface rather than bulk methods for registration of liquid phase biochemical reactions, i.e. when at least one of the reagents is immobilized at the solid phase interface.
Among various methods of surface reaction registration, the optical method {surface plasmon resonance (SPR), optical interferometry (OI)}, and the electrochemical methods (surface potential registration at the electrolyte-insulator interface) are currently considered as being the most promising due to their extreme sensitivity.

This project is concerned with:

- Studying the effect of the immune and enzyme reactions upon the optical phenomena in planar multilayer structures involving metal and insulator thin films;
- Developing the concepts of potential informativity of multi-sensor arrays, including optical and microelectronic basic sensitive elements;
- Studying and development methods for immobilization of the protein molecules at the solid surface;
- Development and constructing the devices for applications in medical diagnostics, immunology, clinical analysis, ecology, environmental monitoring etc.


Sheffield Hallam University
Pond Street
S1 1WB Sheffield
United Kingdom

Participants (4)

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderungder Angewandten Forschung e.V.
01109 Dresden
Ukrainian Academy of Sciences
45,Prospect Nauki
265028 Kiev
Ukrainian Academy of Sciences
9,Leontovich Street
252030 Kiev
University of Sofia Kliment Ohridski
1,James Bourchier Avenue
1164 Sofia