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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Novel optical devices and measurement techniques; technology transfer and training


Foreseen Results

The program has a large component oriented towards training of East-European specialists developing their testing infrastructure. The GB and FR partners will develop these new components and measuring systems using the expertise of their CCE/NIS colleagues. At the same time, giving them access to their laboratories and considerable experience, ensuring successful transfer of the new technologies.
Given the development of new optical coherent and non coherent techniques, novel procedures, methods and instrumentation are now used for the measurement of a variety of parameters. These techniques have evolved from their initial theoretical stage to sophisticated instrumentation, now in use in metrology, trade and industry.They have been mainly developed in laboratories in the well developed countries, due to the high refinement of the measurement methodology and high technological level of the devices concerned.
The East-European partners involved in the present project have a good reputation and experience in optical systems (RO and RU), in producing of optical devices (MD) and in growing optical crystals (UA), but they lack the experience of applying their results in practise. The development of the metrological sector in these East-European countries is the vital goal of this period of transition towards a market economy and European integration.
It is the goal of this JRP to stimulate and support the continuation of the high level research developed so far in these laboratories in CCE/NIS, in parallel with focusing their activity towards the development of their metrological sector. These techniques involve sophisticated measuring systems, new components and sources. These are to be developed and produced on the basis of this project. This project supports continuation of the activity on the metrological sector initiated by the RO and RU partners (RO has established the basis of a Laser Metrology laboratory, which was initially oriented towards the characterization of the laser diodes produced by the MD partner); the RU partner also has been involved in measuring the crystals produced by the UA partner). In this way, the project will cover simultaneously two aspects, supporting the components being produced in East together with development of the measurement technologies. Besides supporting activities in the East, the project aims to involve the East European specialists in research on very new transducers and measuring systems in the premises of the Western partners. This includes the production of integrated optic modulators and ancillary system for simultaneous measurement of magnetic field, electric current and temperature. Within this project, the training element will be assured by giving Scientists from CCE/NIS access to previous achievements in the Western laboratories (free access to library, participation in scientific seminars, presentation of the current research themes etc). In this way, a balance of actions towards transferring new ideas and concepts and sustaining ongoing activities will be assured. The project is also based on the cooperation links already existenting among the partners: FR+GB: optical sensing and optical systems, MD+RO: production and characterization of laser diodes, UA+RU: production and characterization of high constant Verdet crystals. The expertise of partners contributes as a linking element of these activities: growing and processing of crystals : UA and FR, optimization of guided wave regime: FR, RO and MD, measuring systems: GB, FR, RO and RU.
The project safeguards the RTD potential, supporting the work of 13 scientists and 4 technician in 4 different countries from CCE/NIS. Stipends are included for 5 PhD students (or young researchers) to work for a 3 month period in the Western partners' laboratories on aspects of the project.

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