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Development of standardized integrated sets of measurements of transport properties of synthetic membranes in aqueous electrolyte solutions


Foreseen Results

The optimization of particular test cell and experimental measurements will first be performed at the laboratories with the most extensive expertise in them. Further on the experience will be exchanged and optimal test cells will be duplicated to create several nuclei of an European network of standardized characterization of membrane transport properties. A hub of such a network is proposed to be located in Kiev, Ukraine, which the combination of experience with relatively cheap work-force makes suitable location for performing systematic comparable studies of transport properties of a wide range of commercially available membranes
In certain applications like brackish water treatment or environmental pollution control membranes are confronted with feeds of widely varying composition. The transport properties of the majority of membranes are known to essentially depend on the feed composition. Therefore a priori it is almost impossible to say whether a certain membrane may be suitable for a certain application or not. Meanwhile the available information on the membrane transport properties is often scarce and not sufficient even for a preliminary selection of an optimal membrane for a given application. As a result the pre-selection of a membrane for a given application remains largely a matter of chance. That makes the market of membranes and membrane equipment less open for competition and disfavours membrane users.

Membrane performance cannot be studied experimentally for every variety of feed. However it can be predicted proceeding from the information on membrane transport properties in certain "reference" solutions and conditions. The purposes of the proposed research will be to find relevant sets of those "reference" measurements, to analyse the design of corresponding equipment and to optimize it, to perform sample measurements for membranes of two different types, to interpret their results in terms of phenomenological coefficients and to formulate recommendations concerning standardized integrated sets of membrane transport measurements. The experience to be acquired will be used as a base for establishing an European service of standardized transport membrane characterization.

The problem of finding out optimal integrated sets of measurements will be addressed in terms of irreversible thermodynamics. The optimization of the design of measurements will be carried out by means of network thermodynamics.


Groupe d'Etude des Procédés de Séparation
Rue Marcel Pagnol
47510 Foulayronnes

Participants (4)

Nicholas Copernicus University
7,Gagarina Street
87 100 Torun
Subnikov Institute of Crystallography- Russian Academy of Sciences
59,Leninsky Pr.
117333 Moscow
Ukrainian Membrane Society
42,Vernadskij Avenue
252142 Kiev
Universidad de Malaga
Capmus De Teatinos
29071 Malaga