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Content archived on 2024-04-30

Interactions between ethylene and cytokinin in perception and transduction processes in the control of senescence


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The program also seeks to help safeguard the highly qualified human resources in the CCE/NIS countries involved through interactive collaboration and through making available the opportunity for workers from these countries to carry out research in the EU.
The broad research objective of the proposed work is to begin to elucidate the nature of the interactions between components of the transduction chains for ethylene and cytokinins at the molecular level which are responsible for the known interactions of these hormones in developmental processes. The developmental response to which these effects will be related is leaf senescence in Arabidopsis thaliana.

In order to ensure that events at the molecular level can always be related to developmental events, rates of leaf senescence in wild type Arabidopsis treated or not with ethylene/cytokinin antagonists and in a range of appropriate mutant and transgenic lines, will be rigorously assessed. Parallel studies will establish the effects of heat and cold shock upon senescence in the same range of plant materials and treatments. Concurrently, the ethylene and cytokinin status of the plants will be monitored as will polyamine status and competition between its pathway and that for ethylene. The physiological studies will be carried out in concert with work on the interactive effects of ethylene and cytokinin upon transduction processes, including receptor phosphorylation, the role of small GTP-binding proteins, protein kinase cascades and effects on RNA polymerase.

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