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Content archived on 2024-06-11

Development and investigation of novel compositions for stabilization of edible oils and other fat containing food


Foreseen Results

The obtained results from model systems and model experiments will be tested in the plant experiments for stabilization of some food products. For this purpose industrial partners will produce sufficient batch of novel composition(s) sufficient for distribution and industrial testing (post-project activity).
Food deterioration during storage is still a very serious problem in spite of a wide use of several preservation aids and a variety of preservation methods from which the use of antioxidants is wide spread. The information about the toxicity of the most widely used synthetic antioxidative chemicals (TBA, BHT, TBHQ) provides a strong impetus for their substitution by natural and other nonhazardous substances.

It is known, that a number of aromatic and spicy plants, and some vegetables possess active constituents. However, as a rule, natural antioxidants are expensive, their supply is limited and their isolation procedures need further optimisation. Also, the use of synergistic mixtures of antioxidants seems to be more preferable instead of a use of a separate antioxidant compound for this purpose

1,4-Dihydropyridine derivatives possess pronounced free radical quenching and antioxidant properties. As a rule, they are non-toxic, and some of these derivatives show antimutagenic activity. One of such derivatives is elaborated as a synthetic antioxidant "diludin" which has proved to be a good synergist of tocopherol. The only limit of a wide application of diludin for oil stabilization is its comparatively low solubility in oils. Therefore, development of synergistic mixtures of natural and synthetic substances seems very promising.

The aim of this project is the development and investigation of novel compositions to protect edible oils and other fat containing foodstuffs against autooxidative deterioration by means of synergistic antioxidant mixtures and maximal utilization of the activity of natural antioxidants.
The main research activities of the proposed project consists of:

1. Isolation and fractionation of natural substances from plant materials, screening of their antioxidative properties; optimisation of their isolation procedures.
2. Synthesis of new lipophilic derivatives of 1,4-dihydropyridine and investigation of their antioxidative properties.
3. Investigation of a synergism of synthesized 1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives with isolated substances from the plant materials, tocopherol and phosphatidic acid derivatives in model systems and edible oils.
4. Investigations of proposed individual components and synergistic mixtures on lipoxygenase
5. Production and testing of the product developed on industrial scale.

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