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Content archived on 2024-06-12

The impact of EU programs on the familiarity with and use of new technologies in firms in CCE


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The first technique, CIS, based on stated preferences, enables the analysis of the importance of EU programmes vis-...-vis other forms of firm collaboration in the technological sphere, such as trade and investment. The second technique, based on revealed preferences, enables the analysis preferences of firm managers vis-...-vis preferences for innovation, and influence of factors such as finance, insecurity and international collaboration in choosing among sets of strategy options.
The project focus on the impact of EU programmes in the sphere of technology and innovation on firms in the countries Hungary and Romania and the collaboration with firms in the Netherlands and Greece. Besides the raising of policy options for an improvement of programme set up and targeting (and thus for international co-operation on the firm level), the project aims at co-operation and transfer of academic methodology for economic research. In the proposal describe two analytical techniques. The first based on the community Innovation Survey (CIS) methodology, the second one on Rank Order Analysis.

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