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Content archived on 2024-04-30

Cohort studies on radon exposed populations : uranium miners or domestic exposure : aiming for a joint analysis


Foreseen Results

Joint analysis on Czech and French miners with low annual exposure to radon dicey products:

- end of 1997 : validation of dosimetric history of each of the 5000 Czech miners and 4000 French miners. Description of the distribution of concomittant exposures to gamma radiation and to ore dust.
- 1998 and 1999 : analysis of dose-response relationship between cumulative exposure and lung cancer risk, influence of dose-rate effect, of gamma and ore dust exposure.
- 1997-1998 : validation of the data concerning the domestic radon study.
Epidemiological cohort studies on French and Czech uranium miners have been published recently : they demonstrate a clear increase of lung cancer mortality with increasing cumulated radon exposure. Other components; more or less linked to this cumulated exposure have been tested : duration of exposure, dose-rate, age since first or last exposure. The way how this cumulated exposure has been protracted over time and how it may influence the dose-response relationship is one of the major points of our collaborative studies. Czech and French uranium miners have experienced different radon concentrations in uranium mining, and we will be able to study the risk down to less than 1 WLM per year; history of exposure shows that exposure levels have changed in time and those miners having experienced low exposure per year, have entered later the mines and are younger than those having experienced high annual exposures. Taking in account these time dependent variables linked both to exposure and to risk are one of the main methodological objectives of these cohort studies. Parallel to the uranium miners studies, an exchange of experience between the three partners will be organized in order to favor the study of domestic radon in Czech republic; a cohort study, organized in high exposed regions like Bohemia, will be discussed, in order to test the possibility of including it in the joint European analysis planned for the next years.

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