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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Development of methodologies for the assessment and management of groundswater resources and risks in coastal zones


The aim of this project is the development of appropriate methodologies for groundwater resources assessment with the aim of applying it in two selected Chinese coastal zones. The project also aims at the development and application of methods for a quantitative evaluation of intrinsic groundwater vulnerability to pollution. This issue will be researched with the aim of minimising environmental risks due to rapid economical growth of the Pearl River Delta region (Macao-Guangzhou-Hong-Kong region). Another zone to be analysed will be the Dalian Peninsula region. These two regions have very different climatic, hydrogeological and social-economic characteristics.
Expected Outcome

The expected outcome of the Project will be the development, in a systematic way, of conceptual scientific tools, sound models and appropriate mathematical methods, including groundwater vulnerability to pollution mapping of aquifers and the development of an integrated approach to sustainable development policies for water supply, wastewater and solid waste sectors. One of the expected outcomes of this project is the drafting of recommendations for an original code with "Regulation and Standards for Water Supply, Waste Water and Solid Waste Treatment Developed in the Framework of the EU-PRC Coastal Groundwater Project".
The tasks to be developed in the Project will be divided into several Work Packages:
* The first, i.e. WP1, will be dedicated to the development of appropriate management mathematical models and practices towards the optimisation of the existing groundwater resources. This Work Package will include: suggesting long term development strategies which allow the system to change in a way that converges on the optimal solution through a series of practical intermediate stages; establishing methodologies for operational control on a short term basis using the more appropriate models and graphical tools.
* The second Work Package, i.e. WP2, will be dedicated to the research of intrinsic groundwater vulnerability to pollution, aimed at the minimisation of environmental risks to groundwater. To increase the access to information on groundwater, an hydrogeological data-base, the data-base INVENTOR, will be developed for the selected coastal zones of China.
* The third Working Package, i.e. WP3, will be based on the Macao experience related to the research of an integrated approach to sustainable development policies for water supply, wastewater and solid waste sectors. The objectives are the protection of natural groundwater resources and the development of recommendation for the drafting of an original "EU-PRC Coastal Groundwater Project Regulation and Standards for Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment".
* The fourth Work Package, i.e. WP4, will be dedicated to know-how transfer, not only from the EU to China, but also, from China to the EU.

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