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A comprehensive multidisciplinary study on the natural history of hiv- infection, the pathogenic properties of different hiv-1 genotypes and their role in the epidemiology of hiv in Tanzania and Uganda


* Retrospective study (1988-1995) to determine the different subtypes present in the regions, to identify their geographical distribution and possible alterations of the proportions in different population groups over the observation period.

* Consistency check, whether the current distribution of subtypes in AIDS patients in a specific region is comparable to the distribution of subtypes in this region seven years ago (at the approximate time of infection.)
Expected Outcome

* The distribution of subtypes in different geographical regions and in different population groups.
* A probable change of predominance of subtypes over the years, which gives an insight into differences in transmission efficacy.
* Detection of new strains from other parts of Africa to the Mbeya Region.
* Detection of new variants.
* Essential information for the preparation of vaccine campaigns in this region
* Differences between the distribution of subtypes at the time of conversion (5-7 years ago) and the present distribution. This could reveal possible differences in pathogenicity in the different strains.
* 1.200 Tanzanian and 900 Ugandan serum samples are tested by V3-serotyping ELISA by the African partners.
* 10% of the samples will be reanalysed as control group by LMU by V3-serotyping ELISA.
* Approx. 20% of the 2100 samples will be untypable by V3-loop ELISA. These will be referred to Europe and will by analysed by HMA (SMH) and sequencing (LMU).
* Consistency check whether the subtype distribution of 100 AIDS patients of the year 1995 is comparable with the distribution of 100 AIDS of the year.

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