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Sustainable halophyte utilization in the Mediterranean and subtropical dry regions


The Concerted Action has the following objectives:
* Demonstration of the feasibility of seawater irrigation cropping systems.
* Collection and disseminate all information needed to maintain and utilise halophytic plants and ecosystems in ecologically different environments.
* Developing a quick check for the salinity tolerance of halophytic plants.
* Testing seawater irrigated systems in different climates.
* Demonstration of the feasibility of seawater irrigated ecosystems for landscape management, agriculture, horticulture, greenification of housing areas, wasteland and roadsides, roof greenification, sand dune stabilisation.
Expected Outcome

* Solidly founded experience about saline irrigation techniques
* Basis for economically feasible saline irrigation projects.
* Selection of plants, animals and cultivation systems ready for application.
* Creation of a team of experts in saline irrigation.
* Preparation of a textbook.
* Display of a pretested, working model of saline irrigation based on solar energy utilisation at the EXPO 2000.
* Information of potential users as well as the general public about the feasibility of sustainable halophyte utilisation through seminars, congresses and exhibits in fairs.
* Stimulation of saline irrigation projects at feasible locations including:
* Regular meetings of the members of the CA group with scientists and engineers of related interest.
* Generating a network of saline irrigation specialists around the Mediterranean and Near East countries.

Call for proposal

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