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Public Participation in Urban Environmental Health Services : A Concerted Action for Sub-Saharan Africa


* Improve the effectiveness of research methods and techniques to collect and analyse indicators that correlate i) people's state of physical health, ii) the conditions in their living environment that are risks to their health and iii) the operational status of existing environmental health services in the community.

* Enable resource centres working in sub-Saharan Africa to advise Local Authorities in the planning and monitoring of environmental health services in consultation with local residents.
Expected Outcome

* A better assessment of urban environmental health risks across social strata and African cities through health risk assessments conducted in six different cities.

* The transfer of knowledge between partners (on monitoring environmental health risks and facilitating community involvement to plan environmental health services) by defining a set of methodological recommendations such as:
- the relevant indicators, to be validated or refined in each location;
- sampling procedures;
- the structure of a questionnaire survey;
- the us of a simple structured observations (such as spot checks);
- the use of participatory communication techniques;
- relevant physical tests;
- what grassroots environmental concerns are to be discussed in focus groups.

* One set of procedural guidelines to operationalise community based information centre focusing on urban environmental health and implement site-specific information and communication strategies.
* Conduct three workshops, all of them hosted in Africa, two of which will convene researchers from European and African centres, and the third involves researchers from African centres.

* Partner institutions will host visiting-researcher(s) from research centres in Africa for a two week internships.

* Compile a compendium paper comprised of:
- a comparative analysis of six case studies indicating a set of site specific indicators and profiling the process to monitor and plan urban environmental services;
- a short monograph on community managed urban services;
- a catalogue of urban project profiles.

* Publish a procedural manual describing the steps and methods in conducting public consultations and possible applications to monitoring and planning of environmental health services.

* Produce and distribute a series of newsletters or briefs to inform local authorities in Africa of research findings and in view of organising a round table advocating the development of urban environmental health services and advising on how to do so.

Funding Scheme

CON - Coordination of research actions


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