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Deployment of sustainable energy systems - an agenda for co-operation


The objective of this project is to encourage networking between European and Asian counterparts, as also among Asian partners, to share experiences in the following fields :
1. Development of renewable energy in Asia, and
2. Operationalise policies to mitigate air pollution in Asia. This is particularly important in the context of increasing concerns about the environmental situation in developing countries, particularly in Asia; the problems may aggravate in the future if corrective actions and policies are not enforced immediately. The sharing of experiences would translate into identifying areas for cooperation, such as, technology, policy interventions, implementation strategies.
Expected Outcome

* Establishing and formalising an effective forum for exchanging information in the areas identified above.
* Documentation of case studies from across Asia and select European countries.
* Co-operation leading to either bilateral or multilateral initiatives.
* Project planning meeting
* Theme papers, case studies/discussion papers and report of the discussion papers, would be prepared on the following topics:
* Policies for the promotion of renewable energy in Asia,
* Prospects and problems of large hydro power, and
* Towards better urban transport planning: problems and policies.
* A workshop would be held on the first and second topic.
* Outreach
* Newsletter titled Sustainable Energy Systems in Asia
* Dedicated website for dissemination activities - E-mail would be used for extensive interaction between project partners
* Concluding meeting

Call for proposal

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Asian Energy Institute
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