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A proposal to enhance research and improve trade and environment policy-making capacities in selected African countries


The main objectives are as follows:
* To identify the linkages between international trade rules and national policies in Kenya and Ghana in the context of the use and management of the natural resources, particularly of soil, water and forests.
* To analyse the areas of common concern to both countries in the management of natural resources, and highlight the impact of specific rules of the current General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT 1994).
* To contribute to strengthening research and policy-making capabilities in Kenya and Ghana.
Expected Outcome

The work carried out in this project should provide the two African countries with a better understanding of the linkages between international trade rules, national policies and the sustainable management of soil, water and forests. It should also identify where investment is necessary to strengthen the institutional capacity needed to implement environmental policy in Africa by the development of a framework strategy. This strategy will give African countries a platform on which to build better participation at the World Trade Organization (WTO) and in subsequent rounds of world trade negotiations, as well as ensure that interests of particular concern to Africa are addressed in the context of trade and the achievement of sustainable development.
The key activities envisaged are:
* To carry out a case study in Kenya and Ghana on the relationship between specific policies and the use and exploitation of soil, water and forests.
* Standard empirical analysis of laws, regulations, policy documents, economic and financial statistics, as well as interviews with local policy and decision makers, members of legislature and other government personnel, representatives overseas, non government organizations and other interest groups.
* Using appropriate international trade policies of interest to both countries to develop a cross-sectoral framework in order to make the promotion of the proper use and management of their natural resources possible.
* Develop a comprehensive strategy for the incorporation of such framework into the work programme of the WHO Committee on Trade and Environment (CTE).
* The convening of a workshop in Kenya to discuss and obtain feedback from local policy-makers in the results of the studies undertaken, the content of the framework and the nature of the strategy developed.


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