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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Eco-Compatibility of industrial processes for the production of primary goods


The main objectives are as follows:
* The overall objective of the project is to define the development policies of countries on the way of industrialization. Both standardized and innovative methodologies will be utilised for the evaluation of the environmental impact of industrial processes for the production of primary goods.
* In the case of China, the main objective will be the formulation of a sustainable energy development and of a management strategy enabling an alleviation of the environmental and ecological problems associated with the coal-based power generation for urban and industrial use through cleaner processing technology, improved pollution abatement and advanced waste recycling and reuse technologies.
* The final object of the research is to induce the development of innovative models which take into account energy sources, the reduction of the environmental impact and the production techniques which are suitable to optimize the recycling operations.
Expected Outcome

* Development of a concept of disassembly factories in China. A possible layout and material flow for a factory in China will be planned. While performing this step the energy management will be kept in mind in order to reduce of at minimum 10% the energy input in the studied factory.
* Definition of a suitable production methodology in relation to the technical and normative data. On the basis of a deep knowledge of the processes, the environmental simulation and the optimization of the whole life cycle will be performed for some mechanical industry products.
The key activities envisaged are:
* Creation of a data-base regarding the Chinese situation.
* Development of more environment friendly efficient products concerning recycling and disassembly processes.
* Definition of the differences in the recycling necessities, possibilities and costs in the EC countries in comparison with the situation in China. The results will be used as input for the evaluation of the end of life phase within the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).
* Definition of guidelines for environmental friendly and resource conservative products, covering all life cycle phases and improvement in the hierarchy of choices in the product (from overall concepts and structures to choices of specific materials, additives, chemical auxiliaris, and processes). A Life Cycle Analysis software will then be developed.
* A series of guidelines for the transfer of disassembly/dismantling technologies in China will be elaborated.
* An investigation on various regional typical problems, processes and policies will be done together with a plan-objective ecological-economic optimization for the regions sustainable development and a decision support system.

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