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Content archived on 2024-06-10

Interdisciplinary methodologies for the sustainable use and management of coastal resource systems : EU-ASEAN coastal transect applications


The main objectives are as follows:
* Production and refinement of SIMCOAST a fuzzy-logic rule-based expert system capable of providing coastal and regional planners with information required to determine decisions during coastal development programmes.
* The expert system indicates the balance necessary to maintain valuable ecosystems and minimise the impact on the environment during the expansion of coastal dependent economies. Also minimising conflicts of interest arising over licensing, permit, resource or site allocation.
* To promote the integrity of the environment for the enjoyment of future generations, whilst optimising renewable resources and minimising non renewable resources within an efficient economic framework.
Expected Outcome

* Provision to governmental and academic institutions within ASEAN and the EU of an expert system for utilisation in regional planning exercises and coastal research.
* Through the workshops and subsequent feed back the expert system will be further refined for general implementation.
* The project will promote SIMCOAST and heighten awareness of its potential for use in sustainable development and underline the necessity for environmental protection and sustainable development in economies dependent upon fisheries and the tourism industry.
* Stronger links will be forged between ASEAN and the EU through academic, governmental and commercial organisations.
* The collation of a comprehensive bibliography encompassing and enlarging upon that listed in the Final Report of Interdisciplinary Scientific Methodologies for the Sustainable Use and Management of Coastal Resource Systems.
* Implementation of a website containing demonstrations of the expert system and which provides an interface for feedback on SIMCOAST software
* A series of five workshops focusing on specific areas of interest to coastal planners familiarising those implementing the expert system with its features, capabilities and role in management decisions :
1. 'Managed Ecosystems'.
2. 'Construction and Transport'.
3. 'Industrial Development'.
4. 'Urban and Resort Development'.
5. 'Major Environmental Inputs'.

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