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Content archived on 2024-04-30

Development of transgenic potato cultivars with combined protectionagainst virus and fungal pathogens


* Production of transgenic Solanum tuberosum carrying simultaneously artificial viruses and fungi resistance genes.
* Mapping and cloning of a natural resistance gene against Potato Virus X (Rx gene) located in the genome of the wild potato species Solanum commersonii.
Expected Outcome

This work should improve our knowledge on the feasibility of incorporating multiple agronomically useful genes in the genome of an important crop plant. The resulting new potato varieties are expected to display an enhanced resistance against some of their most significant diseases with consecutive benefits concerning yield and reduced use of pesticides.
This work will also improve our knowledge of natural mechanisms for virus resistance in wild plants.
* Construction of multigene cassettes based on the following artificial resistance genes:
* Genes for resistance against Potato Virus Y, PVY (based on the Lettuce Mosaic Virus coat protein), Potato Leaf Roll Virus, PLRV (based on the PLRV replicase).
* Genes for resistance against phytopathogenic fungi coding for : Barley type I ribosome inactivating protein (RIP), Barley class II chitinase, thaumatin-like AP24 protein.
* Combination of multigenes cassettes in the genome of Solanum tuberosum cv: Bintje using Agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated co-transformation and selection with multiple selectable genes (coding for kanamycin, hygromycin and phosphinotricin resistance).
* Field tests of the resulting new potato genotypes in several locations in South-America (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay).
* Crosses between Rx and rx Solanum commersonii and search for Rx associated genetic markers using AFLP analysis of bulked segregant populations.
* Construction of Solanum commersonii BAC library and screening of BAC clones for Rx candidates using AFLP defined probes.

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