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Health sector reforms and impact upon patterns of utilization amongvulnerable groups in three Indian states


In India the role of the state has historically been essential to public health and disease eradication programmes. Recent evidence suggests that this function is changing in the face of multiple social and economic pressures which have led to structural adjustment and changes in the financing of health and social sectors. However evaluation of the impact of the reforms upon access to public health services and the quality of care, in both public and private health services have been few and far between. Those which exist in other regions, have tended to focus either on single outcome measures or on technical economistic criteria related to organisational changes.
Expected Outcome

* Provide estimates of the prevalence of morbidity and explore the relationship if any to patterns of health care utilisation.

* Provide an evaluation of current service provision and the nature of changes accompanying health sector reorganisation, over a period in time.

* Establish to what extent a safety net has been operative in the context of changes introduced to assess equity and effectiveness.

* Provide some indication of population need and demand for a range of health services: preventive care, and care of communicable and non communicable disease.

* Publication and dissemination to document and discuss the experiences of health sector reform in a major developing country.
This study proposes to assess the extent to which a "safety net" constituting an integral element of the reforms is working as an effective means of promoting allocative efficiency as part of the changes that have taken place in India. Such an evaluation in a major developing country will enable better global understanding of some of the effects of the current reforms, so little known and gauge its gains and losses to enable policy interventions.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


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