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Health Sector Reform: Towards a More Global Approach of Child Health


The research proposal aims to develop and apply an holistic approach by which the health services would rationalise health care delivery towards the health problems children face in a community.
Expected Outcome

The expected outcomes are in relation to the specific objectives formulated, and implies the implementation of the results at the research setting : a holistic approach by the health services towards the health problems of the children. An attempt will be made to translate the methodology and results beyond the local research level.
The results will be published in regional and international journals, presented at international workshops and integrated in national and international public health courses.
Two major phases can be distinguished in the overall research : a descriptive phase and a participatory phase. The descriptive phase will consist first in the identification of the risks children face during their growth and development. The identification of the risks specific for a given geographical area will be done in the study areas, using sociological and anthropological tools to ensure participation of the parents.

This will result in an operational plan describing the necessary changes in the existing health system and identifying the role of the parents and the community.
The participatory action research phase is a collaborative research between the health providers, the population and the supporting institutions. It implies the implementation and evaluation of the operational plan. The evaluation will be based on quantitative aspects of health provision and on the quality of the service offered. Rapid sociological-anthropological tools will also be used.


Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia

100 Lima

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Universidad Mayor de San Simón
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