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Development of Biological dosimetry systems for monitoring the impact of solar UVB radiation on the biosphere and on human health


It is the overall aim of the proposed project to further develop and calibrate reliable field dosimetry systems for environmental UV radiation based on complementary biological UV dosimeters. An improved sensitivity to detect small changes of environmental UVB is expected from biological dosimetry, because (1) biological dosimeters directly weight the incident UV components of sunlight in relation to the biological effectiveness of the different wavelengths and to interactions between them and (2) their spectral responses exponentially increase towards shorter wavelengths. The applicability of the biological dosimetry systems for different requirements will be investigated and developed in a multi-disciplinary and multinational approach. Such applications will include long term UV-monitoring for all regions, including deserts, high mountains and aquatic environments, and for personal dosimetry. At first, a catalogue of criteria for reliable biological UV dosimetry will be established and current systems will be comprehensively reviewed according to this catalogue. The most suitable systems will then be selected and further characterised and calibrated according to a standard protocol. This process includes the improvement of existing and the development of new biological dosimeters. Field dosimetry systems composed of complementary biological dosimeters will be developed for adaptations to the special requirements, such as personal dosimetry, underwater dosimetry, or field measurements in deserts or high mountains. In field and laboratory intercomparison campaigns the individual biological dosimeters as well as the biological dosimetry systems will be intercompared and calibrated with spectroradiometric-based measurements. First field measurements at selected sites will be conducted and standard protocols will be elaborated for the different field uses of the biological dosimetry systems.
UV radiation; UVB radiation, UV dosimetry; biological UV
dosimetry; field dosimetry; personal dosimetry; action spectrum; biologically


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