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High Efficiency Motor Bogie for Trains


The competitiveness of the European rail industry requires innovative solutions to improve the performance and to reduce the development and system costs of the Train of the Future. Reduced operating cost by energy conservation and reduced wear on rails and wheels, higher loading capacities of cargo trains as well as a high level of interoperability for locomotives with heavy transformators for the European goal are main issues of the strategic Low Weight Traindevelopments. Shorter development periods and an efficient introduction of new products are increasingly important in the dynamic rail vehicle market. Safety and reliability as well as the rolling stability, the noise reduction and the maintenance costs are additional aspects, being important for the new high efficiency rail vehicles. The motor bogie, the heaviest train component offers the most important weight reduction potential. Various attempts have been made to realise aluminium frames and other light weight bogie components which mostly did not reach beyond the prototype stage for various technical and market reasons. The main objectives of this proposal are: - the development of a light weight bogies by new design concepts based on modern light-weight materials and manufacturing technologies as well as mission based dimensioning methodologies., taking into account noise reduction and safety. - The dimensioning procedures including the necessary data about the operational usage and modern light-weight materials in combination with manufacturing technologies. - laboratory test procedures, facilities and programmes for an accelerated and reliable approval of optimised light-weight components for the competitive market. - Verification of the concepts and methodologies by the construction of loco motor bogie prototypes with at least 20% lower weight and proof out tests on the rail by users. The main innovative aspects are: - new design concepts of subsystems by simultaneous approach of individual manufacturers introducing modern light-weight materials and manufacturing technologies- methodologies for optimal light-weight design and for reliable proof-out leading to shorter development periods, including the data about mission profiles and modern light weight materials, allowing to transfere the design concepts to bogies of other rail vehicles and to different usage requirements. - facilities, procedures and programmes for reliable laboratory tests of durability, functionability, safety and noise evaluation of bogies and their components and subsystems. The proposal meets the EC's task force TRAIN OF THE FUTURE by developing light and silent-rail vehicles

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