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Options for nitrogen levies in European agriculture


The main objective of the project is to investigate the technical, environmental, economic and social consequences of relevant systems of nitrogen levies and to develop optimum options for systems that can be implemented regionally, nationally or internationally in a EU context. More precise, objectives are:
- to investigate and assess the technical, environmental, economic and social implications of nitrogen levy systems (including reimbursement) in various European regions with different ecological, economic and social conditions; - to develop options for levy systems that offer best perspectives for environmental and agricultural policy in those regions and in the EU as a whole;
- to investigate compliance of these systems with existing or expected agricultural and environmental policies and with international agreements, and to investigate the need for accompanying measures;
- to investigate to what extent EU co-ordination and legislation is needed for achievement and functioning of these systems;
- to derive proposals for Common Environmental Policy (CEP) and for the integration of environmental aspects in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP with special regard to the intended CAP revision;
- to develop a strategy for EU wide implementation of nitrogen levies appropriate to regional conditions.
The programme has been broken down into eleven different tasks with their own objectives and responsibilities:
Task 1. Evaluation of executed research in respect of the theme of this project Task 2. Selection and description of systems to be researched. Task 3. Inventory and selection of relevant aspects to judge these systems, of operational criteria within these aspects and of methodologies to use these criteria.
Task 4. Examination of selected systems against selected criteria. Task 5. European workshop to discuss the preliminary research results. Task 6. (Further) development of optimum systems, both on regional, national and EU levels.
Task 7. Investigation of compliance with existing or expected environmental and agricultural policies and of the need for accompanying measures. Task 8. Investigation of necessary EU role in different systems and of possible consequences for CEP and CAP.
Task 9. Development of a strategy for implementation of nitrogen levies appropriate to regional conditions.
Task 10. Writing and publishing a concluding report.
Task 11. European workshop to discuss final results and implementation possibilities
For each task one the partners will have the first responsibility, while other partners will be involved in performance of that task


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