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New Carbon Fibre Reinforced Copper Matrix Composites for a Unique and New Generation of Electronical and Electrical devices


Industrial need is given for high performing materials in electronic packaging systems as well as in other electronic and electrical systems for devices working under high current densities and high thermal load. The project's aim is to develop new Carbon fibre reinforced Copper matrix composites whereby the thermal expansion is controlled and the thermal conductivity is enhanced. Besides a high stiffness and very good electrical conductivity is also expected. The unique combination of the low and adaptable coefficient of thermal expansion with extraordinary high thermal conductivity will make the material useful for heat sinks applications, in particular for electronics (Hybride Modules, Electronic Relays) and for electrically conducting springs. The envisaged material and its use are expected to give the European Industry in this field a lead for e.g. miniturizing electronics. For that purpose 3 possible production routes (Powder Metallurgy, Diffusion Bonding of Cucoated fibres, Infiltration of C-fibre preforms with Copper melt) will be developed and be brought from laboratory to demonstrator scale. Suitable test pieces will be characterizèd with respect of their properties and investigated in demonstrator tests at the end-users. Final evaluations about efficiency and economics are expected for outlining and initiating a "new product" line. In the projects are involved 6 partners from 4 different EU-members, 2 partners from CCE-countries will participate additionally with essential contributions.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts



2444 Seibersdorf

Participants (2)

Institute of Electronic Materials Technology
133,Ul. Wolczynska
01 919 Warszawa
Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics - Slovak Academy of Sciences
830 08 Bratislava