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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Towards a European system of social reporting and welfare measurement


The long-term objective of this proposal is to create a sciencebased European System of Social Reporting and Welfare Measurement within and beyond the European Union, especially by including social scientists from East European reform states. This objective should be achieved by

- advancing existing and developing new and innovative theoretical concepts, methodological approaches and empirical tools;

- better utilizing existing data bases and developing new ones where necessary;

- applying those concepts, tools and data bases to the urgent problems of social exclusion and socio-economic inequality;

- establishing a network of cooperating research teams which could be quickly mobilized as correspondents for short-term information and which could be the core for longer-term endeavours like a "European Social Report".
For a brief introduction, by social reporting we mean the monitoring of social change and welfare development; by welfare we mean the objective living conditions and the subjective well-being of individuals, private households, social groups and the overall population; and social exclusion (as process) and socio-economic inequality (as structure) means denying people good living conditions and well-being.

We propose a stepwise approach of developing a science-based European System of Social Reporting and Welfare Measurement, and of concentrating during a three-year period on seven subprojects, each coordinated by one of the participating teams and subscribed by different sets of partners.
The seven subprojects are:

2.1 Review and Redefinition of Welfare and Welfare Production
2.2 System of Social Indicators

2.3 Comparative Studies on Social Integration and Social Exclusion
2.4 Stocktaking of Comparative Databases in Survey Research

2.5 Access to Comparative Official Micro-Data

2.6 Developing a European Welfare Survey

2.7 Comparative Dynamics of European Welfare Outcomes

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