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High fire performance wood products


HIFI NETWORK OVERVIEW The necessity to provide safety against fires in design of buildings and constructions has resulted in numerous regulations limiting the materials used. Wood as a combustible material needs special attention, and an essential prerequisite for increasing the use of wood products in buildings is development of wood based products with better fire performance. Improving the fire behaviour of wood products calls for systematic knowledge of fire retardant [FR] technology of wood which presently is, however, deficient in many aspects. The HIFI Network aims to solve current gaps in knowledge and thus help the European industry to improve the fire performance of wood products as well as their usability in terms of durability and environmental performance. This will amount to added value through enlarged markets and increased sales of wood products and FR chemicals as well as through positive impact to fire safety and environmental protection. The objective of the HIFI Network is co-ordination of R&TD activities and exchange of personnel as well as transfer of information and technology between research institutes and industry including FR chemicals manufacturers, FR wood product producers and end-users of FR wood products. The scope of the Network operation will be restricted to the exchange of non- confidential and pre-competitive information which the participants wish to bring to a wider audience to promote enhanced utilisation of wood products. The work of the Network is intended to be continued as a European Society of High Fire Performance Wood Products . The work to be performed within the HIFI Network consists of three tasks: - Co-ordination of RTD activities; - Establishing a data base for State-of-the-art and market information; - Exchange of personnel and transfer of technologies to industry. The deliverables of the Network and benefits to the partners are summarised as follows: - the research co-ordination offers the partners the possibility of multidisciplinary information access and facilitates finding associates for new RTD projects and business activities; - promotion of new wood product markets, and spin-off endeavours; - a comprehensive up-to-date information data base on FR chemicals, end use products, environmental aspects, durability, regulations, market reviews, etc.; - promotion of international and multidisciplinary co- operation through support provided to the exchange of personnel and knowledge; - contribution to improvements in fire safety and environmental protection in Europe. EUROPEAN DIMENSION AND PARTNERSHIP The HIFI Network will give a forum for co-ordinated research and exchange of information and personnel between companies and institutes devoted to research, education and information transfer. This will give a strong positive impact to the European RTD work in the field of high fire performance wood products, and will amount to added value through enlarged markets and increased sales. Wood is an ecological and environmentally friendly material the benefits of which should be maintained through the whole life cycle of FR wood. The HIFI Network advances the development towards this goal by promoting research efforts culminating in subsequent introduction of new products with improved environmental properties. Improvements in fire safety is an important objective, which is worth continuing efforts. The work of the HIFI Network will amount to better fire performance of wood

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