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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Improved Microstructure Measurement Technologies for Marine Surface Flux Studies


Marine near surface fluxes play a key role in many physical, chemical and biological processes of the surface boundary layer and in this way affect climate and environment In order to establish a meaningful interpretation of air- and spaceborne remotely sensed observations it is essential to deter ine the transfer function linking the subsurface processesto their fingerprint at the surface. An accurate knowledge of near surface small-scale processes requires reliable measurements at the smallest spatial scales. Currently, no suitable sensors and systems are commercially available to carry out these measureoents with the necessary efficiency and precision. The general aim of MITEC i8 to design, develop and build an advanced, efficient, integrated measurement and data handling system and to demonstrate that it is capable of obtaining reliable, high-accuracy information on near surface flux processes in marine waters.
In order to achieve this goal within the framework of MITEC the following activities are planned:
- Development, adaptation and assessment of methodologies for performingthe near surface microstructure measurements and to evaluate the data. - Development and construction of a free rising system to measure the nearsurface microstructure of density and current fields with a resolutionin the millimetre-range, and to measure bio-aptical properties. The dataacquisition and basic evaluation software will be integFated within thesystem.
- Laboratory and field measurements as well as application studies toassess the performance of the developed system and to demonstrate itsapplication potential.
The final deliverable will be a complete end-to-end system for the assessment of important physical and biological parameters in the surface boundary layer, from gathering the data to the evaluation of surface boundary layer processes. The resulting prototype is intended to be the base for an industrial-commercial product of potential interest to a world-wide community involved in research and management of the marine environment. The whole development will progress within a close co-operation of developers and producers on one side and typical users on the other, in order to guarantee that the final product will meet the exact needs of the latter.
KEYWORDS (max 10): remote sensing, climate, environment, microstructure, turbulence, advanced systems, sensors, methods,
application studies, surface boundary layer, interface


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