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Support ceec scientists to participate in a 10-days high level meeting on how crystallography might contribute to proceed from structural genomics to drug design


Research on sequencing the human genome and those of pathogenesis organisms provide information which promise developments in the drug discovery process. The purpose of the meeting is to assemble the achievements of structure-based drug design and to review future prospective. By discussing real life examples, the underlying principles, strengths and weaknesses of the approach will be argued, from protein structures to emerging techniques (bio computation, combinatorial chemistry, high throughput screening), from advances in structural methods (X-ray and cry-electron diffraction, synchrotron radiation, NMR & mass spectrometry, modelling) to structure prediction (threading sequences , evolution, fold assignment) ; a strong accent will be put on the synergistic use of each of them in order to prospect an efficient drug design .

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Via Zamboni 67
40127 Bologna